Committee Roles


As part of the committee we work together to address any issues the choir has, keep up to date on day-to-day business, and plan for future events and opportunities.

While each person has their own role, we also share ideas and work as a team beyond those roles to keep Spectrum running smoothly.

Meetings often take place before choir sometimes as early as at 18:00, so it would be ideal if you are usually free on a Tuesday at that time.

Details for how to apply can be found here.



The leader and director of the committee, the Chair is responsible for ensuring that the committee fulfils its responsibilities for the governance and success. A spokesperson who works to maintain key relationships within and outside the committee.


Monitors and manages funds for the choir. Collects money from members, and keeps track of who has paid per term. Ensures we are financially secure. Creates and maintains the budget.


Responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the committee. Keeps a record of Spectrum’s planning and actions. Records minutes of our meetings and shares them with committee/members.

Publicity Officer

Orchestrates social media and monitors the Spectrum email address. Liaise with members and to ensure everyone is well-informed, as well as works within the community to plan events and performances.

Facility Officer

Ensures the rooms have been booked for rehearsals at the Community Centre and coordinates with them for any location-based issues.

Wellbeing Officer

The point of contact if an individual has personal issues within the choir. The Wellbeing Officer would then either bring the issue to the committee if deemed necessary, send the person towards relevant resources, or liaise with the committee member who would best solve it (e.g. creating a payment plan with the individual and the treasurer).

Membership Officer

Keeps track of membership and attendance. They work closely alongside the treasurer to keep track of who has paid for the term, collecting and recording contact information from new members, and keeping existing members’ information up to date.