Autumn/Winter Term 2017

Our Autumn/Winter Term starts on Tuesday 10th October 2017, with a half term break (no choir) on Tuesday 24th October, and our finalé on Tuesday 19th December.


This term’s fee will be £55, so please bring cash or a cheque to the first session.

Cheques payable to “Spectrum Choir”.
Ask if you’re interested in paying by bank transfer.

You can pay in instalments of £5.50/week by special arrangement; if you need to pay this way, please ask.
We would expect you to pay for every week (even if you’re absent!)

Reduced rates
A reduced rate is always available if you need to pay less; nobody should feel they can’t afford to come to choir. We won’t compromise on the commitment aspect – you’ll still need to pay for every week – but we’ll gladly reduce the amount to a level you can afford; please talk to Debbie or one of the committee.

End of term

Our final session on 19th December will be our Grand Finalé!

A drop in session, open to anybody who wants to come – so invite your friends and let them hear what we’ve learnt!

We’ll be in the community centre’s ballroom, performing our more complex songs, and there will be time for everyone to sing more simple songs together too.

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