Meet the Committee

Emily Roblyn

Musical Director

Elected committee members

We hold an annual election to certain key roles on the Committee at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Here’s a description of the roles and responsibilities from AGM 2018. The current committee members are:

Katja Frisinger

Chair and Publicity Officer

After living in 7 different countries, I’ve decided Exeter’s the best place in the world, largely thanks to the amazing friends I’ve made in Spectrum. I love spreadsheets, bullet points, and colour coordinating everything in my life with a rainbow colour scheme. I think that last bit is why they’ve decided to keep me around. šŸŒˆ

Natasha Douglas

Secretary and Wellbeing Officer

Zoe Collingwood


Hi! So Iā€™m  supposed to be good at maths….(Iā€™m not!) In the day job, Iā€™m a teacher and an aromatherapist/alchemist. I joined Spectrum mainly because I wanted to suss out if I could in fact sing outside of the shower. Turns out I can! Yay!


Annie Thomas

Wellbeing Officer

Josh Smith

Membership and Website Officer

By day, I’m a spreadsheet wizard at the University of Exeter. By night, I look after Spectrum’s membership records, mailing lists and our website. Somewhere between the two I cook a pretty good lentil dhal.  šŸ¤“šŸ—‚šŸ›

Members without portfolio


And you?

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