Terms dates for the Early Spring, Late Spring and Summer 2019 🌼🌻

We’re reaching the halfway point of the Winter term – here’s a look ahead at the term dates for the Spring and Summer.

The terms will be as follows

  • Early Spring: Feb 26th – April 2nd (6 weeks, Β£33)
  • Two week break
  • Late Spring: April 23rd – May 21st (5 weeks, Β£27.50)
  • One week break
  • Summer: June 4th – July 23rd (8 weeks, Β£44)

If you’re coming to Hand in Hand you must commit to the Late Spring and Summer Term and to a dress rehearsal on August 13th. An allowance will be made if you need to miss an occasional session, but you must at least 9 of the 13 session in the two terms, as well as the dress rehearsal.

Full details

The full timetable is viewable as a spreadsheet.

Click to enlarge
Full dates – click to enlarge!
Details and performance dates – click to enlarge!

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